Open Letter for Membership Renewal

Comrade Post Member (or your first name here),


It has come to my attention that you have not renewed your 2015 American Legion membership. Hopefully, this has only been an over site. Post member, you have been a member for over # (number) of years. I would like to remind you every membership is important to our Post here in Merrick, as well as, for the nation.

In Memoriam - John L. Naddeo

jnaddeo3 resized
John L. Naddeo
September 21, 1920 - November 17, 2014

On November 17, 2014, John L. Naddeo passed away and reported to Post Everlasting.  John L. Naddeo was a Post Member who had a kind soul, he loved making wine and watching the reruns of Lawrence Welk Show on T.V.  On one occasion I asked him what was the best time of his life, he said during the 1930's because people had nothing and they were much more kind to each other.  He was a good man and I am glad to have known him.  He will be sorely missed. (Support staff member).

JetBlue fly's Vets to Washington D.C. to see war monuments, a few of our Post Members participate this event

On Monday, November 10, 2014, Post members Jim Anatra, Ken Braun, Barbara Byrne, Harry Gribbin were flown to Washington D.C. by JetBlue to see the War Monuments in our Nation's Capital. Post member Mike Elliot works for JetBlue and he coordinated this event for our Post members. Here are some pictures from this event.

NCC open Vets' Resource Facility

By Brendan Murray

On the even of Veterans Day, Nassau County Community College opened the doors of the Veterans Resource Facility, its newest asset for members of the U.S. Armed Forces studying at the largest single-campus, two year college in the State University of New York system.

"This day is special, this facility that we are opening today is special, and the people who will be served by it, and the purposes it will serve, are special indeed," said Dr. Kenneth K. Sanders, acting president of Nassau Community College; it is a profound day for what it portends for enhancing our ability to serve our student veterans."