A new beginning....  Hello World!!!

Hi folks,

Well, this is my first live attempt at starting a new website for the post. I hope you like it, and hopefully, I can improve on the website. The site is based mostly on Joomla which is a  content management system. Joomla basically gives you their basic templates with a number of features which are free and then their are vendors who have "third" party extensions that are "free" or you have to buy a "subsriptions" to make the site more functional. Joomla is based on open source code, to find out more about joomla click or visit this link (http://www.joomla.org/about-joomla.html). I like free stuff so I am basically using extensions that are free, with a little code (php, html, javascript) mixed in.

My first live attempt is to see if this website will work with our organization and if the members will like what I have done here. I hope they do.  I am going to see if I can generate revenue through donations and advertising to help support this site, that is one of my goals on my to do list. My goal is to try to make this website more than a "static" site, and make it more of an "interactive" website, that is where the forum, and blogging feature comes in. Oh, by the way, this website contains a page where you can download old newsletters, feel free to visit this page.

I am using couldaccess.net ( http://www.cloudaccess.net/ ) as my website hoster because they work with joomla and are the official web hoster of joomla.org. They have an excellent support staff and they know about Joomla, because that is what they support. I think I will be in good hands with these people. I hope to have a very good working relationship with these people while they are hosting the website. Oh, by the way they have very good online Webinars courses and a very good knowledge based library if I run into any problems with the Joomla system.

Ok, well that is about it. I hope you like the website and I hope it is a success. Take care.





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