Merrick's Memorial Day 2017 Grand Marshal, Paul R. Zydor

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Paul R. Zydor
Memorial Day 2015

Paul Zydor was born and raised in Freeport, New York.  Paul is a lifelong resident of Long Island and has dedicated his life to public service.  In 1947, Paul joined the United States Navy where he was deployed many times during his active duty service.  Paul took his basic training in the Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Illinois.  Paul served during the Korean War and was deployed on the USS Grampus Submarine SS-523 and the USS Yellowstone AD-27.  While in the Navy, Paul received many decorations and service medals.  Paul was mainly assigned to submarine service in the U.S. Navy.  At that time as a submariner aboard the USS Grampus, Paul was on-board the fastest submarine in the U.S. Navy Fleet.  Paul was always first to volunteer for difficult and dangerous assignments.  Paul was one of the only Navy personnel at the time, who volunteered to test the “100 foot free escape” under water.  This training simulated how a submariner would escape from a disabled submarine, however, in this case, without a supporting re-breathing apparatus (or free ascent).  This training took place at Naval Submarine base in New London Connecticut, in which Paul was placed in an airlock 100 feet under water and once the airlock was filled up with water he had to surface from the lock to the surface.  He succeeded in doing this exercise two times.

In 1954, Paul was honorably discharged from military service and returned home to Merrick, New York.  In 1956, Paul met his future wife Marguerite whom he has been married to for 61 years.  Paul and Marguerite have four children whom were all raised in Merrick and number of grand-children. In 1957, Paul joined the New York City Fire Department where he was assigned to Ladder 10 and later assigned in 1960 to the prestigious FDNY Rescue Co. 2.

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In 1972, Paul joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  The VFW is a military organization that conducts outreach for all veterans.  The VFW advocates for all veterans, encourages comradery, serves the community and promotes patriotism.  In 1976, Paul Zydor became the Commander of the VFW Merrick/Freeport Post 1310.  Paul has currently served as the VFW Commander for over 40 years.  Paul’s dedication to all veterans is recognized and appreciated. Paul is also involved in a massive recruitment plan for the VFW in Merrick, where new membership is currently soaring.  In 2015, Paul was recognized by the Town of Hempstead as the Veteran of the year for his dedicated service to our veterans’ community.  He also volunteers as a liaison at the bi-annual homeless veterans stand down event.

Other accomplishments of Paul are he is currently on the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency Advisory Board, Congresswomen Kathleen Rice Veterans Advisory Board and the Freeport Village Veterans Advisory Council.  Paul has dedicated his life to public service and will continue to do so for years to come.  Paul Zydor is a true example of what it means to be an American.


Courtesy of Paul R. Zydor



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