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Donation to American Legion Post 26 in Mayfield, Kentucky by Post 1282, American Legion

The following correspondence is a thank you letter from the members of American Legion Post 26, located at 211 South 7th Street, Mayfield, Kentucky, for the American Legion, Merrick Post 1282 donation for the damage cause by the December 10, 2021 tornado.

American Legion Post 26
211 South 7th Street
Mayfield, Kentucky

On December 10th, 2021 a tornado devastated our town of Mayfield, Kentucky, along with areas in Graves County, the county in which Mayfield is located. Most of us didn't realize the extent of the damage that dreadful night. However, the next day driving around revailed just how much of our community had been destroyed, along with many lives lost. For many people, their lives will be forever changed. The clean-up is still in process, and the rebuilding of hte town is in progress. This will take years in the makeing. As an organization we have lost our American Legion Historic building, which was nearly 100 years old.

This letter is bening sent to all Americn Legion Posts who sent financiel assistance, along with anyone and everyone whether and organiation or and individual who has sent money or gifts. All of us as Veterans at the American Legion Post 26 in Mayfield, Kentucky want to express our deepest appreciation and thankfuleness for your generosity and compasssion. We will carry on and plan to rebuild in the future, including assisting veterans and other in our community. Your valued donations have already been put to work in this way. We just want to express to you all in every way possible our utmost gratitude...we would ask thay you keep us in you continued thoughts and prayers.